Aug 31, 2019

Why invest in digital marketing in 2019?

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Based on the latest figures, email marketing, SEO and social media are still the most effective and efficient tools in terms of ROI, with share of budget expected to increase among advertisers in the next 24/36 months.

There are essentially two main challenges facing B2B marketers today. One is how to improve lead management processes. And the other revolves around growth and penetration in the reference markets.

Research shows that web marketing and email marketing are the tools with the highest perceived positive ROI. Furthermore, the multichannel approach of B2B marketing strategies and the coexistence of “classical” tools such as conferences and public relations and digital tools have been confirmed.

“Communications are either integrated or not.”

An element common to anyone looking to compete in the marketplace is the intersection between “know how” and “to know”. In order to be most effective, successful web marketing strategies need to touch upon the four basic components of a person’s attitude: Cognitive; emotional; rational and behavioral.

According to top contemporary scholars of marketing, the distinguishing feature of integrated communication is “the added value of a global and coherent plan” that enhances its strategic role. Web marketing strategies can not be limited to proposing a product. They must also and above all tell a brand philosophy, with techniques generally entrusted to advertising.

Among the main issues that ought to be integrated into the web marketing strategies of companies there is certainly attention to the environment and customer care. Digital marketing strategies are now approached in a “holistic” way, and digital communications are an essential component to convey the main characteristics of brand.

Today, digital marketing is extremely effective in conveying the intangible values of a company. In fact, we now know that a brand’s reputation accounts for more than half of the financial performance of a company, while the product itself (or service) contributes a significantly smaller portion to a company’s bottom line.

The value asset related to products and services permeates digital marketing strategies in order to support an organization’s sales performance, while reputation is a fundamental lever for companies operating in any context.

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